Egglixir-  1 Month Supply
Egglixir-  1 Month Supply

Egglixir- 1 Month Supply



Start your skin enhancement challenge and see and feel the many other benefits of taking high grade targeted nutrition. Save Money When You Purchase the Subscription.

Taking just two capsules a day is the easiest way to improve your skin tone and texture, we have even set up a skin enhancement challenge where we expect you to a difference within a week to ten days on our Egglixir products!

There are so many other enhancing benefits from the product some of which we can not even state claim to, but rest assured taking this product is something even people around you will notice and this is your challenge completed, when someone you know tells you that you are looking good!

Please note: we recommend taking 4 capsules a day for the first 5-7 days, there are 60 capsule per sachet/box

*Egglixir makes no claims and does not intend to treat, cure or diagnose in any way! The ingredients in our supplement have all been extra milled to increase and give better absorption than any other on the market and the synergy is what gives the results, try it and you will literally see!