Skin care challange! Egglixir was formulated

Egglixir was formulated to assist a myriad of muscular and skeletal conditions and as a result,studies showed that patients experienced skin improvement as well as improved recovery and repair, prompting the product formulator to introduce supporting ingredients.

Matthew Brownell's over 25 years experience in the health and wellness industry showed him that YTE when synergised with other targeted ingredients, had an amplifying effect to each other as it has an array of essential amino acids that need support to work at its optimum level.

Adding Hyalurons and astaxanthin makes Egglixir the most complete formula for true cellular renewal as all the ingredients are sourced at a renewal cellular level giving the human physiology an incredible resource of energy, renewal and vitality.


H.A.® STAR the most absorbable Hylaron

A second generation complex of hyaluronans has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles both in depth and volume. Studies have also shown a positive increase in skin moisturisation - a key factor in anti-ageing.

This highly bioavailable nutrient helps promote the production of hyaluronic acid in the body known as endogenous metabolism therefore supporting ongoing synthesis.

Exception H.A.® Star demonstrates both short-term and long-term benefits for skin health from within.


A patented Norwegian extract that provides a combination of amino acids, glycopeptides and oligopeptides - the building blocks for connective tissues like skin. This nutrient rich complex has a number of health benefits from helping produce energy in the body to reducing cortisol levels - the body’s master stress hormone - also helping to reduce tension in the skin.

Within 7-10 days it has been reported that consumers notice an improvement in skin plumpness and have a healthy glow.

The patented extraction process carefully preserves the nutrient rich properties of the Young Tissue Extract, this ensures each capsule is providing the potent health benefits as it does in its unharvested form, therefore maximising the health benefits of YTE®.


This high potency antioxidant is proven to protect skin from free radicals and oxidative damage - ideal for ageing skin - by helping the skin protect itself from the sun’s damaging UV-rays - like a natural sunscreen. Studies on Astaxanthin have also suggested visible increases in skin moisture, elasticity and smoothness - important factors to maintain youthful looking skin.

The ORAC value for Astaxanthin shows superior antioxidant scores when compared to other antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Green Tea and Lycopene.

Other health benefits for Astaxanthin include supporting visual health and strengthening your immune system.