Who’s that in the mirror?

When time starts catching up with you, you know about it.

You getting tired more quickly and you feel drained more of the time. Friends ask what’s wrong and when you look in the mirror, the person looking back doesn’t look like you anymore.

“When did I get so old?” you wonder.

We can’t stop the march of time. Ageing comes for us all. It doesn’t matter which creams you use and it doesn’t matter how you try to hide it with cosmetic treatments.

"I feel so much better taking Egglixir. Friends have commented that my skin looks so much better of healthier. Will definitely continue to take it as it's made a big difference to me in general. Thanks!"
Adrian Donelon - a happy Egglixir customer

The skin never lies

As we get older the processes our body uses to rebuild itself get slower, weaker and less effective. This renewal happens continuously and as we age it begins to slow down.

That’s when signs of ageing become visible.

Your body lacks the building blocks it needs to rebuild and eventually can’t keep up with the process.

The largest organ in your body is your skin. Millions of cells working together to protect you from the environment, from the sun, from infection and disease. You wouldn’t last long without it!

It’s no wonder the largest organ with the toughest job is usually the first place to show the signs of ageing.

new Triple-Active Egglixir

Egglixir is the first triple-active solution to keeping your skin looking and feeling great, by nourishing from within. You’ll soon be hearing people say: “You look amazing”.

- All natural-ingredients
- Unique Triple-Active™ formula
- Take twice a day in the morning and evening
- No other ingredients, mixing or shaking required

Keeping your skin looking young (and you feeling great) is about supporting your body’s natural processes. Your body wants to keep renewing your skin, breaking down those cells and rebuilding them as new. It just needs the nutrients to do it.

I have been suffering with rosacea for 17 yrs and have used antibiotics on and off over the years. I have also seen a dermatologist at Hope Hospital and had laser treatment. I only get spots on my face, they look like blisters, or insect bites. Once a spots start they just spread, the only thing that works are antibiotics and any kind of stress triggers them off. I have tired everything even changing my diet. Since taking Egglixir over the last ten weeks, my skin as been clear, that is a new record. I am really surprised and pleased with the results. I intend using Egglixir indefinitely. Christine
Christine Palmer - a happy Egglixir customer

More than
just your face

Nourishing your skin from the inside means that not an inch of your body is neglected.

Look and feel better:
• on that beach holiday
• at the swimming pool
• playing sports.

Egglixir nourishes all of your skin’s cells equally.

The unique triple-active formula of Egglixir makes it the ideal companion for your skin. It’s all natural ingredients aren’t synthesised in laboratories.

I have used Egglixir for some time now and really notice when I haven’t had it! Initially I took it daily for several months and noticed a significant improvement in my skin. My skin was clearer and brighter with fine lines appearing less prominent.
Liz Callaghan - a happy Egglixir customer

Unique Triple-Active™ formulation grab the keys to “You Look Amazing” Skin


HA Star® Hyaluronic Acid

Hyalauronic Acid (HA) occurs naturally in the skin. The body uses it to maintain moisture in the skin, giving you that firm appearance.

As we age, the body’s HA breaks down and we start to see this as wrinkles and lines in the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a common and popular cosmetic treatment when injected into the facial tissues.

Instead of this short-term patch fix Egglixir nourishes your entire skin (the body’s largest organ, covering you from head to toe) entirely from within.


Young-Tissue Extract

Young-Tissue Extract (YTE) is where we derived the name Egglixir. YTE is extracted from fertilised pre-embryonic eggs and provides an unparalleled combination of amino acids, glycopeptides and oligopeptides.

The amazing cells in an egg at this stage fuel its rapid growth from a handful of cells into a live embryo. This “secret formula” was actually discovered by Canadian government researchers in the 1950s. The patented extraction process carefully preserves the nutrient rich properties of the Young Tissue Extract in an ethical and effective way.

Fertilisaton of the eggs is the key. We know it is the two cells, one male and one female that create all life on earth. So this fertilisation provides the key to the YTE. Importantly no live embryos are affected by this process. Everything happens in the pre-embryonic growth phase, without incubation an embryo will never develop.



The final key to the triple-active formula is Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is the compound that makes Salmon pink. This natural anti-oxidant is part of the Salmon’s diet. Astaxanthin has a natural reddish pigmentation which the salmon use as protection from UV rays.

Anti-oxidants are great at neutralising the free-radicals that can slow down and prevent the repair of our body’s cells.

The ORAC value for Astaxanthin shows superior antioxidant scores when compared to other antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Green Tea and Lycopene.

I'm nearly 60 and I've been taking Egglixir for about 3 years and I actually look younger than I did then! I have a general feeling of well being and my skin is soft to feel . Easily ordered and available . I thoroughly recommend it .
Franklin Sinclair - a happy Egglixir customer

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Remember Egglixir is the only solution that nourishes your skin from within with a triple-active formula.

- All natural-ingredients
- Take twice a day in the morning and evening
- No other ingredients, mixing or shaking required

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I've been using Egglixir now for a month and already people have been commenting on how fab my skin looks and asking what treatments i've been having !! My skin has a radiant glow to it and feels plumper. Definitely a must have product to take to regain youthfulness
Angie McKenzie - a happy Egglixir customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to take Egglixir if I'm on other medication?

The all-natural ingredients in Egglixir are generally considered to be safe to take with most other medications. Always consult your doctor before adding supplements to your diet.

I need to know more, who can I contact?

You can send us a message via our contact page, or call us on 0161 839 5335. If you're calling from outside the UK +44161 839 5335.

A noticeable improvement came however in the summer months and during a long holiday in Spain. For many years I have suffered with prickly heat rash when exposed to the sun causing raised bumpy rash and extremely itchy. BUT after using Egglixir for a few months prior to the summer sun I had no symptoms whatsoever.
Liz Callaghan - a happy Egglixir customer